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Care advice

Care advice flowers

Cut flowers and bouquets

How should I take care of my cut flowers so that I can enjoy them for as long as possible? All flowers and bouquets sent from us are always fresh. They are so fresh that some of the flowers are still a bit in the bud, they haven't fully bloomed yet. We choose to send the flowers and bouquets at this stage so that you can enjoy your flowers as long as possible and so that you will receive the best possible quality. As soon as the flowers get into water and into the heat, they will start to bloom and become beautiful. Here are some tips along the way.

  • If you have received a bouquet, do not remove the rubber band. This holds the bouquet together and gives it the expression and shape it should have.
  • Take out a vase that you want to put your bouquet or flowers in. Wash it thoroughly so that it is really clean.
  • Then fill it with cold water and pour into the bag of nutrients that came with it.
  • Pick off any leaves that will end up below the surface of the water. The leaves that come under the water surface create bacteria in the water.
  • Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife.
  • Add some new fresh cold water every day. Do not pour off the old as it contains the nutrients.
  • Most importantly - enjoy them!


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